9 02 2010

Yes, you can tweet on the subway now.I’m amidst a flourishing love affair – an affair that is neither typical nor traditional. My feathered friend and I embarked upon our fiendish tryst almost a year ago. Similarly to most new relationships, we only saw each other once a week or so, but as time progressed we had to see each other every two, three, four, sometimes even five times a day.

I had ceremoniously fallen in love with Twitter, and who could blame me – that is one awesome bird. Okay, seriously though Twitter has revolutionized the way people communicate, access breaking news and information, do business, and some may even say win campaigns.

Twitter has revolutionized the way professionals go about conducting internal PR according to World Stream Internet Marketing Blog.They say that Twitter could be a great way to boost employee morale and better inter-office communications. For example, whoever discovers the doughnuts in the break room tweets about it, and then everyone else catches on. Sure, that is a fun example, but what about more serious applications, such as notifying employees of severe weather, a change in policy, or completion of a project? They recommend that this not be a vehicle to make employees “warm and fuzzy” about the company, but yet a way to hasten important information.

Are you new to Twitter? Need some tips on how to execute PR in the “Twitter-verse”? Little Pink Book has just the perfect go-to guide for all of your Twitter-ing needs from a lingo cheat-sheet, to common applications.

I have begun to follow businesses I frequent, and news sources I follow. I can quickly find out about dinner specials at my favorite restaurant, or sales at my favorite neighborhood boutique. Places I frequent are able to keep a me updated daily on different happenings. It allows PR professionals to be constantly connected to their client’s customers. Twitter is the ultimate PR vehicle. Like I said above, I’m in LOVE! That is one amazing bird . . .




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26 02 2010
Anthony Matesi

After beginning this class and constantly hearing about how Twitter is a viable business medium and exceptional with conducting public relations I have finally given in and signed up for my own twitter account this week. I’m still very new to it and as of now really don’t have much intention of using it too often, at least not for myself. Though now that I have had Twitter a few days, I’ve had time to think about it more and the opportunities it presents for my start up clothing company, if I use Twitter I can send out previews of new clothes I’ve designed and can get active feedback that can help me determine if an item should or shouldn’t be created.

The points you make about internal PR seem great but my question is, and perhaps this is just because I don’t know enough about Twitter, but wouldn’t people have to be very careful about what they post to the internal account or would that be completely private and only for employees? I guess my concern is would having a twitter account for internal PR have any risk of leaking non-public information?

Regardless of my previous gripes about Twitter I have to give in and be honest with myself and acknowledge that as Joe has said twitter is the “ultimate PR vehicle” and as much as I disliked it before he’s right it has a huge opportunity to revolutionize the way businesses handle customer relations and internal as well as external PR.

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